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War between Nitish and Manjhi

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After bad performance of Janta Dal United  in Lok sabha election, in modi wave JDU won only two seats.  Nitish kumar step down from chief minister of Bihar, Jitan Ram Manji became CM of Bihar, who lost his lok sabha election from Gaya, in that election Manjhi on third place. When Manji became CM of Bihar, according to opposition, Manji is a rubber stamp CM, all decision made by NItish Kumar. Manjhi also accepted that he obey all decision of Nitish kumar during his press confreres after meeting PM Narendra Modi, but he also said, after some time he made all decision himself. He project himself as a Dalit (Seduced Cast) leader. Acceding to him he is doing better job than Nitish kumar. He is drawing a bigger line than Nitish kumar.

War between Nitish and Manjhi

Making decision to step down of  Manjhi, is not easy. When Nitish kumar, elected Manji as CM, a strong message gown to Dalit society, Nitish kumar think about Dalit. Now Dalits are against Nithish kumar’s this decision. Manjhi is not ready to step down. He is ready to floor test in assembly and would step down if he failed. Manjhi, who met PM Narendra Modi on Sunday , claimed that politics was not discussed but said BJP was welcome to support him. “I did not discuss politics with him (Modi). On the floor, whoever gives us support we will take it,“ Manjhi said. if required, I will made two deputy CM, also said, this is time to watch who support to Dalit society and think about poor people, also said, he would expand his Cabinet soon. He is also ready to take support from Lalu yadav and others. Manjhi said, “I know he (Nitish Kumar) is a good man. But he cannot live without power.

According to JDU leader, Manjhi is all doing with support of Amit shah and Narendra Modi. Governor Kesari Nath Tripathi might ask Jitan Ram Manjhi to seek a confidence vote on the floor of the House on the first day. Manjhi said “Manjhi ki nao kabhi nahi dubti hai (Manjhi boats never sink)”.

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