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Say NO to tobacco to live long

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Say NO to tobacco to live long. Everyone know tobacco is dangerous for health, but many people are addict of it. It is one of the main region of oral cancer. India has the highest prevalence of oral cancer globally. There are 75,000 to 80,000 new cases of oral cancers being reported every year, according to a health report submitted by the Ministry of Health in consultation with National Institute of Health and Family Welfare on the ill-effects of chewing tobacco.

Sunita Tomar, the face of India’s anti-tobacco ad campaign, we all saw her in an ad to say no to tobacco, she was not aware about the tobacco side effect, when she was started to use tobacco. She wrote a letter to P.M Modi “When I started consuming tobacco, there was no warning on its ill effects. I did not know that tobacco chewing would lead to cancer and spoil my life. After being through the pain, I decided to warn other users through my experience”. She wanted central government ban tobacco. “I am shocked that people in such high posts can be so irresponsible. Bigger warnings can probably save some innocent lives like mine” Tomar wrote in the letter.

Sunita Tomar

Sunita Tomar

BJP MP DK Gandhi suspended a proposal that asked tobacco companies to stamp health warnings across 85 per cent of the surface of cigarette packets. He had also declared that India has little independent evidence to link cigarettes and cancer. “I am shocked that people in such high posts can be so irresponsible. Bigger warnings can probably save some innocent lives like mine” Tomar wrote in the letter.

DK Gandhi had told PTI “All agree on the harmful effects of tobacco. But there is no Indian survey report to prove that tobacco consumption leads to cancer. All the studies are done abroad. Cancer does not happen only because of tobacco. We have to study the Indian context, as four crore people in states like Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are dependent on bidi-making through Tendupatta,”.

As we say there are no much land for agriculture as population on India is growing and on the other hand plant tobacco in place of rice, wheat or other crop. Have to arrange other work for those people depended on tobacco industries.

Dr. Harshvardhan, the Honorable former Union Health Minister, while launching the campaign, said: “Every minute we are losing precious lives due to tobacco consumption. As a doctor and the union health minister I urge people to understand that any form of tobacco consumption, bidi, guthka, khaini etc. is extremely hazardous to health and can directly or indirectly lead to death.

Tobacco consumption is expected to kill one billion people in this century. We need to quit now to reduce our risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers and respiratory disorders. Pregnant women who smoke put themselves at risk of low birth weight in children. If we take a call today, we are not only protecting our self but also guaranteeing protection for those around us. We have to unite for anti-tobacco. Say no to tobacco, yes to life!, Smoking is no less than Suicide—Say No !. There are many center around us which help tobacco addict people to live a common life.

Sunita Tomar is no more with us, but her campaign against tobacco is continue. We all have to promote her campaign and say no to tobacco. Hope Modi Sarkar will take some strong designs against tobacco.

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