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Once again modi magic

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After 2014 Lok Sabha election, BJP lost all by poll assembly election, That time a question arised, is Modi magic fades? But as Maharashtra and Hariyana assembly election came, no need to say anything, now it’s clear Modi magic still in power.

Modi was star pracharak in both Maharatra and Hariyana. Modi was the party face of this assembly election. Generally BJP announced their CM or PM candidate before election, But this time party decided go in election under Modi name, and get success. It may be used in upcoming Bihar and Jharkhand election.

According to SP leader Naresh Agarwal, as we stop modi in election, all party has to comes with neta jee (Mulayam Singh Yadav) to stop Modi, he forgot that was by poll and what happen in 2014 general election, only Mulayam singh’s family member won, other all SP candidate lost their seat.

Some Congress person says, after being a PM, Modi goes for rallies. what you think congress blame is true? Every party has a right go more complaining with his most popular leader. Every party do it. Late Rajeev Gandhi and Indra Gandhi also did it. Manhohan Singh didn’t, because he was not much popular leader.

In Hariyana BJP got clear majority but in Maharastra need support from other party. NCP is ready to give unconditional out site support to BJP, but BJP senior leader L.K Adwani and RSS not ready for it. Let’s see what happen, who will become CM.

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