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Modi waves end,Kejriwal cyclone in Delhi

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Now Modi waves end and Kejriwal cyclone came in Delhi. AAP won 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi assembly election. Rest three won by BJP, Congress, failed to open account. As election announced , BJP all set to continue their performance, which started from Lok Sabha election. But now, kejriwal stoped Modi’s asbmegh horse. It means people of Delhi agreed for Panch saal kejriwal, they refused to chalo chalo Modi ke saath.

This result some thing similar to Lok sabha election, in Lok election India’s oldest party congress won less than 10% of all parliament seats, same here BJP not reached to 10% seat for leader of opposition. Delhi state government and central government, both have no opposition, but AAP leader Kumar Vishwas says the party will give Leader of Opposition post to BJP. In Lok sabha election Bahujan Samajbadi Party didn’t win any seats, now congress lost all seats. Their 63 contestant’s lost their despite money.

BJP think tank has to think about this result, Parachute candidates are not beneficial for BJP. In Lok Sabha election Modi projected as PM candidate after huge demand of BJP worker and in Delhi election Kiran Bedi announced CM candidate, in place of old party deader and she himself her election from Krishna Nagar, Krishna Nagar was very safe seat for BJP, Dr. Harsh vardhan won 5 times from this seat.

AAP candidates not only won, they won with a huge margin. Hope Arvind kejriwal, full fill the hope of people of Delhi.

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