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Mary Kom – Real Vs Reel

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Here I am talking about Mary kom, an Indian women boxer and the movie Mary Kom. Both are huge hit in their own way, where Lady Boxer Mary Kom is one of the most popular sports women of India, the movie Mary Kom made a great success on box office by earning around 68 Crores in just 11 days. Mary Kom reached to London Olympics from a small village of Manipur, there she won Bronze medal in 51 kg flyweight category.

She won World Amateur Boxing Championships five times and became runner up once in the same championship.

As Women’s boxing introduced in Olympic Games, Indians were hoping at least one medal from Mary Kom, and she fulfilled those hopes by bringing Bronze Medal. She won twelve gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze at international level and brought Indian women boxing to next level.

It is not easy to reach where she is today. She faced many hurdles in her life and proved herself in this male dominated society with her hard work and passion for boxing. Further she became a mother of 3 kids which might have destroyed her career but she never gave up and kept on working hard towards her goals and she made it possible by winning several medals for India.

Mary Kom - Real Vs Reel

Mary Kom – Real Vs Reel

After being inspired from Mary Kom’s life, Sanjay Leela Bhansali made a film under the direction of Omung Kumar starred by Priyanka Chopra who played the role of Mary Kom. She worked very hard for this movie, she went to Mary’s village and lived for many days, learnt the way she speaks, she behaves etc. After watching the movie I can say that Priyanka has done a wonderful job.

The movie was not released in her home state Manipur, as the screening of the movie is banned by insurgent group which claims that Bollywood goes against Manipuri values. Hindi films are banned since September, 2000 in Manipur. Mary Kom herself spoke to the government officials but nothing happened. People of Manipur unable to see story of the Manipur’s daughter on screen.

Some people are saying that Priyanka has earned more money acting as Mary Kom than the real Mary Kom earned throughout her life being herself. But Priyanka slapped those people by giving a great reply to these sayings. She said if we were to look at what Mary has given back to the society through her grit and work, even if she was paid a billion dollar per minute she would still be underpaid. So box office collections should not be compared with Mary’s income. Her devotion for boxing is above all of these.

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