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Lalan College to Lal kila

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Last year, Narendra Modi as a Gujarat Chief Minister, had delivered an Independence Day Speech in Lalan College of Bhuj before a 25,000-strong crowd an hour after the Prime Minister made his Independence Day address in Delhi.He had challenged UPA and told that ‘Government has only one religion and one holy book. Now, he is going to embrace the same memorable event of his life on this 15th August when he delivering the Independence Day Speech from Red Fort as an India’s Prime Minister


From Bhuj, in his 50-minute speech, Modi sounded the election bugle by throwing an open challenge to PM Manmohan Singh by criticising his ‘disappointing’ speech and slamming the Congress on various issues that plaque the nation today.

He said in front of 25,000-young crowd, “I am standing here in Kutch from where my voice reaches Pakistan first and Delhi later.”

Narendra Modi addressed more than 400 public rallies and covered around three lakh km, since his first rally on September 15, 2013, after being named as the party’s PM candidate. During election campaign some election slogan were very famous like Abki Baar Modi sarkar, Achche din aane bale hai and In Varanasi Har Har Modi Ghar Gahr Modi.

In election campaign Modi jee criticize UPA government and rise a hope in BJP lead NDA government. Modi set a target to win 272+ seat as Mission 272 plus. BJP got more than 300 seat and Narendra modi became PM of India. He bows as he enters Parliament for first time.

It was a great journey from RSS pracharak to PM of India. After became PM, he visited Bhutan,Brazil and Nepal. Every were modi jee got very warm welcome. Hope India will be one of the most powerful country in the world under his leadership.

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