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is modi magic fades or going to start jungal raj 2?

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After historical victory in 2014 Lok Sabha election. BJP loss in many assembly Bye-election. First in Uttarakhand, BJP loss their all three seats. After Uttarakhand election all eyes on Bihar by poll. Before by poll Nitish Kumar, Lalu prsad yadav and Congress come together for Mahagath Bandhan to stop BJP.

In Bihar Bye-election, BJP contest 9 seat out of 10, one seat Parbatta left for alliance LJP. On the other hand RJD and JD(U) contest four each and Congress contest on two seats. In result BJP won 4 seats and Mahagath Bandhan won 6 seats.


In Hajipur Bihar, JD(U) rebel Dev Kumar Chaurasia got 21010 votes, BJP won this seat by around 6000 votes and second place holder Rajinder Roy got around 46000 votes, if Dev Kumar Chaurasia not in contest and JD(U) get one third of Dev Kumar Chaurasia’s vote, BJP also loss this seat.

In Banka, Ram Narayan Mandan of BJP won with narrow margin of 711 votes. After Bye-election result question arises is modi magic fades or going to start jangal raj 2? BJP leaders said this election not contested on the name of Narendra Modi.

Nitish Kumar very happy with result, he expresses his view, These polls were important and the citizens of Bihar have given their verdict in our favor. I am satisfied with the by poll results and would like to thank all the voters. The results of by polls are a clear indication that people of Bihar won’t accept divisive politics.

In by poll election voting was very low, so can’t think it is full face of Bihar’s think, but this result to re think to all political parties if have to win over BJP comes together and BJP have to think how they will retain his form.

Bad news also from karnataka, BJP won only one seat with small margin. After result BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi tweet, Lok Sabha election we won, by election they won, now score 1-1, wait for final(2015 Bihar assembly election).
Now all eyes on 2015 Bihar assembly election, wait and watch, what will happen, who will win final round.

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