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How to leverage your blog post with images?

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For bloggers, getting good number of visits is one of the most important priorities. As a blogger you write SEO optimized content along with precise information so that you can get a lot of visitors. But do you think only writing good content with some on page SEO, is well enough for getting huge traffic to your posts?

Probably No! So what all you should do to increase the traffic?

There are many ways like breaking down the blog post into certain points, adding attractive images, social media sharing, sharing others’ blog posts reach out to other blogs and comment there to build relationships so that they would also visit your blog and share your content.

These all are some basic tips which might help your drag a lot of visitors to your blog if done in right way. Today in this post I am going to share how to get most out of using images in your blog posts and later I will be sharing the remaining above mentioned things.

Someone very rightly said that images speak 1000 words but I would say they say even more.

In other word, Images are the things that visualize your content. Our stories incomplete without images. Form comics to novel cover page, in comics every dialogue denotes with images, Novel’s cover page image denotes about story.

On road side, we always see some poster, most of time, we are not able to see what is actually written on that poster, but we instantly understand the advertisement because of its graphics part. From print media to electronic media, images always help to increase your business. Same happen web world.

Suppose I use below image with a topic called “Joy of winning” then it would be perfect because in this image a lady’s expression says that she has done something wonderful just now. but If I add an image of sky or some sceneries with this title then that won’t be effective.

images speak more

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When a user visit your site, your site having numbers of post with or without images, users eyes automatically stop on that post which having attractive image, and they surely read that post.

Images also help when you share your post over social sites like g+, FB, Pinterest as they fetch images from your post and show one image in the preview. So, if the image used in the blog post is attention grabbing, people likely to click over those links and come to visit your posts.

You can see, images are integral part of a blog post but they should be added in a right way and they should reflect your content. It must be closely related to your content.

I would advise to use royalty free stock images for better clarity and copyright issue. Just give credit to the image owner wherever required.

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