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Delhi Assembly Election 2015

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Delhi is ready for assembly elections on 7th Feb, 2015. In last assembly elections, BJP was single largest party, got 32 seats. Aam Aadmi Party which was newcomer in politics, got 29 and oldest party of our country got only 7 seats. Current CM of that time Shila dixit lost their election against Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal became CM with support of congress. But after 49 days he reigned form CM and reached Varanasi to contest with BJP prime minister candidate Narendra Modi.

Once again, voters of Delhi is ready to elect their reprehensive for Delhi assembly. Aam Aadmin party contesting election under Arvind Kejriwal, BJP bring India’s first lady IPS Kiran Bedi and project as CM candidate for BJP. It was master stoke by BJP. People of delhi is very much familiar about Kiran Bedi.

Delhi Assembly Election 2015

Now, Delhi is colorful with election companioning posters, all most all Delhi’s bus stop, some building, road site advertisement places filled with election posters. AAM AADMI PARTY claims, if they will back in power, water free, electricity bill will be half, Wi Fi free, CC TV camera in all Delhi and many more thing. While BJP claims for good governance, they not allowanced any election manifesto. On the other hand congress claims, will continue same development which they did in last 15 years.

Many slogan are displayed by all parties. Some slogan by BJP: Modi PM – Bedi CM, Abki baar sthir Sarkar, Dharne balo ka choro saath- Delhi chale Modi ke saath . Some congress slogans are:- Tut gae vikas ki dor fir chalo Congress ki aur. Slogan using by Aam Adami Party are:- 5 saal kejriwal, Es baar puran bhumat de and many more slogan using by independents also.

Election commission of delhi are all set to successful election on 7th February. Wrestler sushil kumar is brand ambassador for Delhi assembly elections. Don’t think ek vote se kya hota hai. Please ignore vote your caste. Just go and cast your vote.

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